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(Above Pic)Ambelos Square or "plateia" where on August 5th, September 22nd and 23rd there are festivals where the villagers gather to drink and dance! The church is St. John's and there are two cafenios where you may enjoy the local cuisine!

March 20- Summer is around the corner! I can't wait this year because we had a really rough winter with a lot of rain and thunderstorms. Thank goodness for NO snow however! When I tell people who are not from Samos that sometimes it snows here, nobody believes me! That's because our summers are filled with beautiful weather, gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, crystal clear waters, shoot, I wouldn't believe it either if you told me the winters are horrid!
So I was thinking it's a good idea to show you a little of Ambelos Village with a ton of pictures I took this week. Have a little looky look and tell me what you think!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The "Little" House is on the top floor with the red shutters

Pretty sure you don't see many skeleton keys around these days! One of the things we did when re-doing The "Little" House was try and keep as much of the house original as we could!
the sitting area with a pull out couch that can sleep a small child

private balcony with 2 chairs (not these, these are just props that I've now replaced with MUCH more comfortable ones!) and a table to relax at in the morning to drink your coffee. Or even after a long day at the beach during siesta time in Samos when all is peaceful and you can hear the cicadas chirping!
the view from the balcony...Ambelos village with it's lush green forests and lots of blue skies!

the bathroom with shower has hot water all day long....towels are provided, and hey! Did you notice that cute frog on the sink?
the corner of the kitchen has a fireplace (of course you won't need it in the summer, but it's still cute to look at!) Kitchen has 2 ring burner, refridgerator and microwave oven, a coffee-maker, and cutlery is provided along with pots and pans.
Looking on into the kitchen from the bedroom, here is the sitting area/kitchen...the two steps lead up out onto the balcony and to the bathroom....

Large selection of books to read while on holiday! Maybe you like some mystery?....How about a romance novel, or just some good old chicklit for the heart!
built in closets with TONS of space! hard wood floors throughout! ooh la la! Can't find that at the "pensions" some people book for their holidays!

view of the inside from the balcony steps.....

Double bed, sleeps two people ohh so comfortably!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Samos Holiday Rental House

the bedroom that sleeps 2 with a 20" TV that gets Satellite Channels!

Nestled atop Karvounis Mountain 300 metres above sea level lies the village of Ambelos. Lush with green forests, waterfalls, and magnificent views, Ambelos is also known as the "balcony of the Aegean" Ambelos Village (also known as Nenedes village) has around 200 people who occupy it year round. It has 2 restaurants/tavernas, 1 post office, 2 mini-marts, and an elementary school.
Here in Ambelos you may find the "Little House" The Little house is a traditional Samian house with thick stone walls that has been remodelled into an apartment that offers modern comforts.

.....the kitchen/sitting area
.....the hallway as you enter...the kitchen in on the right, and the bedroom is on the left

The "Little" House from the outside...the apartment in on the top floor with the red shutters

The "Little House" has been refurnished in 2008 with all modern comforts!

These comforts include...
-double bed that sleeps 2
-small pull out sofa sleeps small child
-20" flat screen TV with satellite TV
-hard wood floors throughout
-built in closet
-microwave oven
-2 ring burner
-small balcony to enjoy your morning coffee
-hot water
-maid service once a week
-air-conditioning for an extra charge

Attention to detail is what makes this house unique. Your host Tina Little will insure that your stay is comfortable and provide you with tourist information. Tina may be reached at

22730 94489 home
6946777134 mobile

Available for summer seasons, starting from April until October

230 Euros a Week, 1 week minimum
5 euros Extra for air-conditioning

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Set in a traditional unspoilt Samian village lies Ambelos, the balcony of the Aegean. Here you will find the "Little" House