Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

(Above Pic)Ambelos Square or "plateia" where on August 5th, September 22nd and 23rd there are festivals where the villagers gather to drink and dance! The church is St. John's and there are two cafenios where you may enjoy the local cuisine!

March 20- Summer is around the corner! I can't wait this year because we had a really rough winter with a lot of rain and thunderstorms. Thank goodness for NO snow however! When I tell people who are not from Samos that sometimes it snows here, nobody believes me! That's because our summers are filled with beautiful weather, gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, crystal clear waters, shoot, I wouldn't believe it either if you told me the winters are horrid!
So I was thinking it's a good idea to show you a little of Ambelos Village with a ton of pictures I took this week. Have a little looky look and tell me what you think!